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Akai DPS24 - 24-track Digital Personal Studio

At last, a pro-quality 24-track linear digital recording solution in a single compact package. Designed to work the way you do, the Akai DPS24 combines the ease-of-use of a fully-automated console with the power and flexibility of disk-based digital recording, to give you the same engineering options and sonic results as systems costing tens of thousands more.
Akai DPS24 Features:
  • 24-tracks of uncompressed audio recording/playback
  • 24-bit/96kHz operation (the number of tracks and channels are halved when operating at 96kHz)
  • 46-channel digital automated mixer with 100mm long throw, touch sensitive motorised faders
  • Each channel comprises level, pan, 3-band semi-parametric EQ, dynamics and 4 x sends.
  • 24 analogue inputs (12 x 2 switchable A/B)
  • Multi-Purpose Light Pipe (MPLP) digital I/O (can be stereo spdif or 8 channel ADAT)
  • Stereo digital I/O (spdif or AES/EBU)
  • AUX INPUT for connecting submixers
  • Balanced connections on all analogue input
  • Balanced connections on all analogue outputs
  • Inputs 1-4 feature balanced analogue insert points
  • Inputs 1-4's insert returns can double as direct ADC inputs allowing the use of external pre-amps
  • 4-channel FX processor each offering over 50 effects including a real time vocal pitch corrector, reverb, delay, chorus, flanging, phasing, pitch-shifting, auto-pan, flying pan effect, rotary speaker simulation, distortion, EQ, dynamics, spectral enhancer, and so forth
  • Two channel Talkback system (2 x mono talkback channels or 1 x stereo talkback)
  • Internal Talkback mic to dedicated 'Studio' monitor outputs
  • Q-STRIP allows control of pan and aux sends from the 12 rotary channel encoders.
  • Q-CHANNEL puts all the controls for an entire mixer channel on the 12 rotary encoders
  • Q-LINK makes editing on-screen parameters quick and easy
  • The large, chunky transport controls also include special 'edit play' keys for quick auditioning
  • Autolocator stores/recalls up to 100 locate points per project on dedicated keys
  • Dedicated jog wheel for multi-track jogging
  • Multi-track audio editing functions offering copy, cut erase, paste, insert, move, etc.
  • DSP functions include stereo timestretch, pitch shift, BPM match, normalise, reverse, etc..
  • Real-time varispeed
  • 20 levels of UNDO/REDO
  • 256 'virtual' tracks
  • MAIN and NEARFIELD monitor outputs (switchable)
  • MONO monitoring
  • External timecode sync (MTC or optional SMPTE/EBU).
  • Hi-Z input for DI of guitar and bass guitar - just plug in and play!
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